Moderate Talk Radio's perfect for people who care, but not too much

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Moderate Talk Radio's perfect for people who care, but not too much Empty Moderate Talk Radio's perfect for people who care, but not too much

Post by submarinepainter on Fri May 01, 2009 11:13 am

This is Larry Bland, bringing you the best in soporific chat with mild-mannered guests whose opinions are guaranteed to split the difference, match the golden mean and support compromise on any issue no matter what the cost!

Another ModRad success story! Next caller's Arlen in Scranton! It's your turn, Arlen!

"Good to talk to you, Larry, first-time long-time, but I wanted to talk to you about some new friends I just made."

New friends! Hey, Arlen, if you've listened to us at all, you know our advice about new friends! Only talk about the weather, and agree with everything they say! You'll do fine!

"Yeah, Larry, I know, but the thing is, they've known me for a long time and all my opinions have been a matter of public record, I guess you could say."

Hey, that's tough. There isn't any way you could convince them you didn't really mean what you said before, is there?

"Well, they probably wouldn't have any trouble believing that. But the bigger problem is that a lot of them are jealous that I have more seniority than they do, and where I work, that means I'm going to get promoted over their heads. It's causing a lot of heartburn."

There isn't anything you can do to smooth things over?

"Well, yeah, it wouldn't be too hard to sort of adjust how I feel about some issues they care about, and that might unruffle some feathers, so to speak."

And they'd believe you?

"Hey, all my former friends believed me when I said six weeks ago I'd always be their friend. I can handle it."

Arlen, you've got this moderate thing down pat!

"Larry, you never said any truer words in your life."

I thought it was funny hope you all enjoy
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